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Our olive groves

Messolongi Fields™

olives are cultivated in our family-owned groves and those of selected local farmers. Our olive expertise dates back at least four generations. Cultivation methods are traditional and natural, using olive leaves as organic fertilizer.

The microclimate

and ground conditions are ideal for olive cultivation: close to the Ionian Sea on the slopes of Mount Arakinthos, carpeted with fragrant lemon and olive groves, aromatic wild flowers and Mediterranean maquis, northeast of the Messolongi lagoons.

Our trees

are naturally healthy, without the need for chemicals or pesticides, because they are planted well apart (low density cultivation) on sloping ground with well-drained soil, ventilated by sea breezes and with ample access to sunlight.

Our olive varieties

The two main local olive varieties are Koroneiki and Koutsourelia, also known as “doppio”, which simply means “local”. Both cultivars have very good oil content:



  • produces a fruity aromatic green-golden evoo with taste of fresh, slightly unripe olives.



  • produces a smooth, sweet, yellow-golden evoo with taste of ripe olives.

The annual olive harvest is around late November using traditional hand-harvesting methods with combs and ground nets to avoid bruising the fruit, which affects the quality.

Local olive oil is usually a blend of the two cultivars. These high quality olives produce a naturally clear, superior category extra virgin olive oil.

Our olive press

Experienced in olive oil production and export

Messolongi Fields™ family-owned olive press has been producing olive oil since the 1920s, for both local consumption and export. The press is centrally situated in Messolongi town in a historic location opposite the entrance to the Garden of Heroes.

Today, the younger generation who have taken over the business have developed our own Messolongi Fields™ branded olive oil.

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