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A unique combination of natural environment and delicious cuisine, a true home of
the Greek-Mediterranean diet!

Messolongi is a small Greek town with a population of only 18,000, on the north shore of the Gulf of Patras, separated from the Ionian Sea by natural sand dune formations.  Picturesquely located between craggy mountains and verdant valleys, rivers and natural shallow water lagoons all harmoniously folding into each other, the diversity of the landscape and favourable climate has created a uniquely beautiful natural setting.
A landscape teeming with rare species of flora and fauna, including birds, amphibians, reptiles and sea turtles: this major wetland ecosystem is a nature sanctuary, one of the most important in Europe, protected by the Ramsar & Natura 2000 treaties.
As a result, Messolongi boasts Greece’s largest natural fish farm, world-famous sea salt, olive groves for olives and olive oil production, fragrant lemon groves, vineyards and other produce, cultivated with traditional, mostly organic methods.
Because of this respect for nature and tradition, in Messolongi, it’s easy to follow a healthy Mediterranean diet based on olive oil, fresh fish, seasonal vegetables and fruit and other quality food products. The local cuisine is delicious, with many interesting recipes.

Messolongi is a true home of the healthy Greek-Mediterranean diet.

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