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Messolongi, sacred and immortal, a universal symbol of courage and heroism

This “sacred city of immortal heroes” is of historical and symbolic significance.
Messolongi achieved international fame in 1821 during the Greek War of Independence, rebelling against four centuries of Ottoman domination. The Greek struggle for freedom attracted the attentions of many philhellenes, both famous and anonymous, among them the poet Lord Byron, whose physical presence, moral and financial support were instrumental in raising awareness of the Greek cause.

The long struggle of Messolongi’s starving inhabitants reached a tragic climax in 1826, when almost all of its population, around 10,500, including women and children, was massacred in an attempt to break through the enemy stranglehold over the city.
The heroic ‘Exodus’ resonated around the world, helping to immortalize Messolongi in the annals of Greek and world history, inspiring painters and poets as a universal symbol of moral courage and the eternal values of the struggle of nations for dignity and freedom.
Memorial Day for the “Exodus” is celebrated annually on Palm Sunday, attended by Greek and foreign high-ranking officials.
Messolongi derives its name from a combination of 2 Italian words: “Mezzo” & “Laghi”.

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