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Certified organic, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil
Koutsourelia/Koroneiki blended

Full of natural goodness, for old and young heroes everywhere!

Our olives are cultivated in family-owned groves with natural cultivation methods using only olive leaves as organic fertilizer. Our trees are naturally healthy, without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides, because they are planted well apart on well-drained
mountain slopes, ventilated by sea breezes, with ample access to sunlight.

Garden of Heroes™ organic extra virgin olive oil is produced from hand-picked, mainlyKoroneiki olives, milled soon after harvest and stored in airtight containers protected from oxygen, light and heat until ready for bottling. Finally, the oil is minimally filtered, resulting in a rich, fruity olive oil with the aroma of freshly-pressed olives, high in beneficial polyphenols.

We named our organic unfiltered extra virgin olive oil Garden of Heroes™ because ofMessolongi’s unique place in history as the “Sacred city of immortal heroes”.

500ml/17fl.oz dark green glass bottle with handle

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