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Premium unfiltered extra virgin olive oil
Koutsourelia/Koroneiki blended

Budding poets and romantic souls will fall in love with
Lord Byron’s™ premium extra virgin olive oil!

Olive oil connoisseurs know that not all extra virgin olive oils are alike. Our Lord Byron’s™ premium extra virgin olive oil is produced from hand-picked, mainly Koroneiki olives, milled soon after harvest and stored in airtight containers until ready for bottling. Finally, the oil is minimally filtered, resulting in a very high quality extra virgin olive oil, with extremely low acidity.
With Lord Byron’s™ premium unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, the nutritional values of freshly pressed olive oil are retained at their highest possible levels. Fruity and aromatic, just two tablespoons a day are enough to get all the healthy benefits.

The world-famous poet Lord Byron is closely associated with Messolongi, which is why we chose to name our premium extra virgin olive oil in his honour.

Premium extra virgin oils can be distinguished by measuring certain indicators of spoilage. The lower these indicators are, the higher the quality of the oil:

Quality characteristics at bottling

Lord Byron's premium EVOO

Maximum EU acceptable levels for EVOO

Free acidity % <0.3 <0.8
Peroxide (meq02/kg) 9.9 20
K232* 1.986 2.5
K270 0.126 0.22
ΔΚ 0.00 0.01
*absorption at 232nm wavelength

500ml/17fl.oz dark green glass bottle with or without tube

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